Rachael Wins

Thank you Suffolk County for electing me to serve as your next District Attorney.


When I started this journey nine months ago, I was so humbled by the support I received. This support quickly grew into a movement and we bonded over our deep commitment to criminal justice reform.

We did it. We won! I am so honored to officially say that I am Suffolk County’s next District Attorney.

I am beyond grateful for every door knocked, every phone call made, every sign held and displayed, every text message sent, and every dollar donated. We got to see first hand what the power of organizing and coming together can do.

This campaign is people powered and we worked harder and smarter with our sweat equity. We knocked over 100,000 doors, made almost 100,000 phone calls, and sent over 200,000 text messages to voters in Suffolk County.

Voters sent a very clear signal today. Our criminal justice system is not working for too many people – and it’s time for change.

We are no longer going to criminalize poverty, mental illness and substance use disorder. We are going to end the wealth and racial disparities in our incarceration rates. We are going to hear and listen to the voices of survivors of sexual assault and of homicide.

And we are going to focus our resources on those who undermine public safety with acts of gun violence, domestic violence and sexual assault, and homicide. It will start with creating an office that reflects the communities it serves and is engaged with every neighborhood.

Together we will make our criminal justice better.


Rachael's signature

P.S. For more details about the transition and inauguration, click here. Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where I keep you updated of any and all news! If you need to reach us, please call 617-792-6152 or email team@rollins4da.com.


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