A Seasoned Prosecutor and Tested Leader With Over Two Decades of Public Service in Suffolk County

A Statement from your candidate

The District Attorney is charged with ensuring the safety of the residents of Suffolk County and obtaining justice for victims. The District Attorney also serves as the moral backbone of the criminal justice system and is instrumental in assuring equity and fairness in the process for everyone.

We deserve a criminal justice system in which addiction, poverty and mental illness are not criminalized; where socio-economic status and race don’t increase the likelihood that someone is incarcerated; and where the District Attorney, prosecutors and members of law enforcement are a true reflection of the rich diversity of the communities that they are sworn to protect and serve.

Now is the time for a new lens to look at these complicated problems and to work hard and collaboratively with the community at proposing innovative solutions.

We need a new voice in the role of the District Attorney. A voice that is committed to decreasing incarceration rates, racial disparities and the overall reliance on the criminal justice system to deal with issues in our society. Someone who is committed to restorative justice and measuring outcomes. Someone who has worked closely with law enforcement agencies on ensuring the safety of communities. A new voice that speaks to the reform our criminal justice system so desperately needs. We need a District Attorney with the courage to lead with the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

The time is now, and I stand ready to earn your vote. See you on the campaign trail.

Your vote is your voice. It is time to be heard.

 Rachael Rollins