Rachael Rollins is the best choice for Suffolk County District Attorney. A seasoned attorney, a strong manager, and a responsive leader. Committed to public safety and chronically justice reform, Rachael Rollins will champion justice in all our neighborhoods.
— Rep. Marie St. Fleur

Endorsed by Real Justice, founded by Shaun King

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“Rachael brings together the best of what this city and county can be. “We all must recognize the power and opportunity we have right now in Rachael Rollins being the new District Attorney of Suffolk County. We need a skilled and passionate leader, someone who has a vision to make the community better and to improve relationships between the community and law enforcement. Someone to give a voice to the often voiceless. Rachael is that person, and I am proud to endorse her.”
— Adam Foss, criminal justice reform champion
I am supporting Rachael not just because I believe in Rachael and she is the most qualified candidate in the race, but also because she gets what it means to have a loved one incarcerated. I know that when she becomes the next Suffolk County District Attorney, she will remember all of the families impacted by the criminal justice system, and will implement criminal justice reform legislation and take it to the next level. Rachael will have a vision for that office that includes everyone, including communities of color that have felt left out for far too long.
— Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell
Rachael Rollins offers strong leadership, a deep commitment to public safety, and a full appreciation of the need for reform. She is the best candidate for the job.
— Massachusetts State Senator William N. Brownsberger, champion of the recent comprehensive criminal justice bill, and Chairperson of the Joint Committee of the Judiciary

Endorsed by Democracy for America

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I’ve not only had the privilege to work alongside Rachael but to also be supported by her while organizing the March in the City of Boston where 45,000 people marched against racism. Her firmness, leadership, and compassion is exactly what we need in a District Attorney representing Suffolk County. That’s why I’m happy to endorse and support her in this race.
— Monica Cannon-Grant, Boston Activist and CEO and Founder of Violence in Boston
I first met Rachael when she was a law student over 20 years ago and have
watched her grow into a seasoned, successful attorney and advocate. Rachael is compassionate,
hardworking and exactly who we need to be our next Suffolk County District Attorney.
— Former Associate Justice Geraldine S. Hines, the first black woman to serve on the Massachusetts Supreme Court
Rachael’s background, education, and experience are stellar. On paper and in person, Rachael is the “complete package.”
— Shelby Wright, Former Assistant US Attorney, Hyde Park Resident
On behalf of the men and women of the MBTA Police Association, it is my privilege to endorse Rachael Rollins for
Suffolk County District Attorney. As the former General Counsel of the MBTA, Attorney Rollins always conducted herself with integrity and professionalism. While representing the Authority, she was firm but fair and
consistently demonstrated the utmost respect to the police officers of the MBTA. Suffolk County
will be well served under the leadership of Attorney Rachael Rollins.
— Officer Robert Marino, President of the MBTA Police Association.